Family dog is happy to pose for the camera, taking up more of the couch than anyone else!


I arrive with a smile on my face, camera in hand and do a walk around your home with you to see what the light is offering.  These sessions are so unique! They are about you and your family in your own space.  They are about celebrating ‘normal life’ in artisan photographs. 

Prior to our session we talk about your home,  favourite activities as a family and as individuals – things you want to remember.  On the day we start with a 2-minute preflight checklist and I then suggest you continue with your daily routine.  For the first 20 mins or so we chat while I take a few pics of life as usual to give us all a chance to settle in.  It’s during this time I begin to get a sense of this world of yours and how we can capture it authentically and artistically. 

Some of the shots will be purely photojournalistic, and for others I’ll give you a little direction and guidance so we get the best from the light.  Mostly this will be subtle and is about creating opportunities for beautiful images as you interact naturally with your family. 

There’s also a good chance I’ll be asking to stand on furniture to get a higher perspective for some shots. I may also move things around a little bit – I’ll always check with you first!

If you love the concept of real-life images but would also like to have a few portraits that are more traditional that’s absolutely fine, we’ll make sure to do those as well.

Click here to read through the FAQ for Lifestyle Photo Sessions. If you have any other questions simply ask!

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