You’re getting married! Congratulations!

It’s exciting and sometimes challenging to organise a wedding, I understand that so we work together to make the photography side of things easy, successful and enjoyable.

How do you want your photographs to look?

Imagine a huge wall print in your home that you walk past every day, or one that you gift your parents for their home. What do want to see there? A wide shot of you both, newly married, featuring the beautiful location you chose? A beaming close-up of your smiling faces? An editorial-style candid image of you exchanging glances, with maybe an afternoon sun shining through overhanging branches? Urban chic – you and your wedding party having a blast walking together through your everyday streets, past your local cafe?

There are so many styles for weddings these days and they all have the potential for a distinctly contemporary edge. Your style choices are reflected in everything from your choice of garments, locations, time of day, bouquet and ceremony, and definitely in the feel and look of your photographs.

Couples are selecting style elements they love, rather than following a list.

To achieve the images you want communication is key.  Part of our consultation is actually translating your preferences into words.

Wedding Packages

This is one of THE events of your life.  There is much to think about, and photography of your very special day is right up there on the list. I’m really happy to talk through it with you, to help you sort through your ideas and discuss ways we can achieve exactly what you want, and more.