Everybody’s talking about it…

‘Personal Branding’ is now the catchphrase for Professional Portraits.

 This has a lot to do with the fact that we now make decisions based on what we see online – which means your profile photo needs to take advantage of those 1000 words a picture can tell.

To represent yourself and your business effectively requires a strategy. You might already have that worked out and just need the photos to convey it – great, give me a call. You might still be deciding, or want to try a few different looks – great, we’ll talk about it and I’ll probably offer some suggestions.

One of the extra convenient things for you is that I’m happy to come to your workplace or another suitable location for our session. I have a portable studio set up, and we can also do environmental shots as alternatives. ‘Environmental’ in this case means within your work environment – your office or common area – or we can actually go out into the fresh air if you’d prefer.

If there are a number of staff or executives at your business I can also create a custom package to suit your needs.

The formats for these shoots are flexible.  Individual sessions are very similar to portrait shoots, and many clients choose to bring outfits that cover both business and personal needs in the one session.

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