Posed VS Lifestyle VS Journalistic Wedding Photography

There is something timeless about a bride, her hair in rollers, on the morning of her wedding.

More terms! Just think of it like this, Journalistic or Reportage Wedding photography is, in its purest form, an observation of your day in images, with no interaction between the photographer and the subjects. Classic or posed photographs, where the photographer is directing the moment, is closest to the wedding photography we have known for many years. It used to be static, but not any more. These composed images can range from a beautiful formal creations with a strong, refined Fashion influence, to more relaxed images of the couple, groups and stages of the wedding day.

And in between the two we have the delicious zone of Lifestyle or Editorial style wedding photography. The photographer observing and recording candid moments, and also skilled at styling a shot within a location, at directing people – or at least guiding them.  Skilled at creating opportunities for great photos, pointing people in the right direction, then photographing the natural moments within the setting.  This is my instinctive approach to wedding photography because the combination of classic and reportage gives you the best of both worlds.

Those gorgeous candid moments

Remember too, when you look at a magazine and see those gorgeous shots that seem to be ‘in between’ moments, the bridal party sharing a laugh in a beautiful setting, the sneaky shot of the groom as viewed through a window, or around a corner, or through branches… many of these are actually directed to look spontaneous – so a bit of direction can be a good thing!

Capturing the planned and the unseen in one collection provides you with a visual document of each stage of your day, plus an insight into your guests’ experiences. At the viewing of the images, usually 3-4 weeks after the wedding, my brides and grooms enjoy their day all over again and love to see photographs of the activity that was unfolding around them.  This is the art of storytelling.

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