Photography products and prices

Planning and intent goes a very long way in getting the best from everyone and achieving the images you want – and the ones you didn’t realise you’d LOVE.

Portraits Session Fee

For Portraits (Family, Individuals, Kids, Pets) the session fee of $250 includes a Design Consultation, our Photo Shoot, and a Curated Presentation of your gallery of images.

The Design Consultation is in your home, over Skype or by phone.  This pre-shoot meeting is when we talk through the details of the images you’re wanting and how we can best make that happen.

Our Photo Shoot is next up, and we’re already on the same page. It sounds a bit cliche but working with children and/or pets means best laid plans need to be at least a bit malleable and, truthfully, the spontaneous moments are often my favourites. Even adults get to build on the initial plans and improvise – especially when you discover it’s actually an enjoyable experience having your photographs taken.

Then around 2 weeks later we meet again for a Curated Presentation of your gallery of images. When possible your home is a perfect location as this is where your images will be living and viewing them in your space can make it easier to choose your favourites! I will recommend printing options suited to the style and composition of each image and the destination you have in mind – wall art, prints or albums.

Product Pricing

If you’ve read through other pages on this website you’ll already know I absolutely champion the printing of your images. It is SO important to live with your images around you, visible and accessible. I’ve seen children’s self esteem soar as they see the themselves – individually or with siblings or in a family portrait – displayed with pride on the walls of their homes. Ditto for adults. Pets… well, for the pet portraits we adoring humans get the lion’s share of the benefit there, but I suspect they like them too. Parents tell me over and over again how kids pore over family albums, reinforcing belonging and understanding of their own stories as they evolve, year by year.

To do this, I have sourced the very best vendors who create beautiful artisan products. Album prices start at $795 and go up to $3000, Wall Art starts at $395 and averages at $995 for a 20 x 30″ piece, with larger sizes quoted individually. Prints start at $175 with a range of options in formats, and go up to $1500.

A corresponding digital file is included with each wall art or print product, or digital files can be purchased individually, in a collection of 10, or a full gallery. From $250 – $1800.

Most clients spend between $2000 – $3000.

Please note: Wedding Prices are listed on the Weddings page, and Events/Commercial shoots are quoted per job.