Marketing Videos and content used for posts and banners is increasingly popular on social media and websites. Businesses are reporting more and more successful campaigns and online responsiveness with the use of video. They can be used to promote products or services, events, ‘how-to’ instructions, behind the scenes, before and after… marketing videos are a communication tool that can convey context, story and details with the added connection of music.

Where To Use Video Content

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have long been promoting the use of video rather than text or static posts. The attention of viewers is captured for longer when the image is moving.  The square format video is considered to be more user friendly as it takes up more screen real estate, especially on a mobile device, which is how most of our viewers are accessing our information.

Videos can be made up of still images, video clips, text and graphics. The use of music is optional and can be used to evoke emotional connection with your viewers or to set a mood. This can be contemporary, upbeat, instrumental, songs with vocals, country, ambient… the list of music options is unlimited. Choose a genre that creates a vibe, somehow connects with your audience and helps to convey your message.

Keep text content to the point, if there’s too much or it’s difficult to read you’ll lose your viewer. I ask clients to provide me with phrases or headlines to use in their videos. Short and sweet is the way to go here. Fonts can be kept in line with your current marketing on other platforms and it’s always a great idea to incorporate your business logo. Logo placement can be subtle or featured.

And again, the power of story. To convey context is one of the crucial benefits of using video. 

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